Use Cases

Sara Pryor

To prove I-WRF framework container validity, scaling studies will be performed on science use cases that have been carefully selected to:

  1. Illustrate key capabilities of the containers and thus require high-throughput simulations and enhanced diagnostic analyses.
  2. Address key issues within the NSF’s strategic plan, i.e., the “Climate Change Impacts on Wind and Solar Resources” use case addresses an essential element necessary to underpin the energy transition.
  3. Ensure ample opportunities for both dissemination of our science and also the CS enabling infrastructure, i.e., the “Land Use/Land Cover Change in the US Northeast and Feedbacks to Extreme Weather Events and Societal Impacts” use case is linked to a flagship project under the auspices of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) that is designed to assess the use of regional models in a storyline framework for understanding climate hazards.

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