Intellectual Merit

A general-use application container that is reproducible and extensible provides a set of benefits to the atmospheric modeling community and other disciplines that greatly expand the capabilities available to researchers today. A multi-node container system that includes orchestration of containers allows researchers to scale their analyses up by using additional resources without having to configure and deploy individual elements separately.

The pre-configured, portable software environment will easily bring complex applications to a wide range of both NSF-funded and public cloud resources and will support demands for urgent computing, modeling atmospheric processes that are impacting human life.

The I-WRF framework will promote a broader inclusion of researchers into national and international programs, as the containers will include the entire environment and recipes required for conducting collaborative and extremely complicated workflows. With ease-of-use features and 24x7 access to virtual workshops provided by the I-WRF team, new users will more easily be able to independently become proficient and capable of undertaking research-grade simulations.

The end-to-end containerized system will also be a tool to recruit and educate a larger, more diverse set of early career researchers at a time when atmospheric research is becoming increasingly critical to the safety of our citizens, preservation of our infrastructure, and stability of our economy.